Maintenance Technician v539

Operating Company:?Environmental Solutions Group ? Marathon Equipment

Location:?Vernon, AL

Reports to:?Project Manager, Lean


Position Summary:?

This person is primarily responsible for assisting with maintenance of Company equipment and facilities.

Roles and Key Responsibilities:

  1. Maintains production equipment as necessary. Includes adjusting brakes and/or replacing motors, transformers, contactor cranes and hoists, etc. Involves lifting metal parts up to 40 pounds and occasional overhead work.

  2. Repairs welding equipment as necessary. Includes adjusting or replacing PC boards, transformers, compactors, welding leads, ground cables, wire feeders, etc.

  3. Maintains fabrication machinery as necessary. Includes replacing and/or adjusting brakes, shears, drills, saws, torches, punches, etc.

  4. Maintains paint equipment as necessary. Includes repairing paint pumps, high-pressure lines, agitators, and air lines. Cleans line filters, etc.

  5. Maintains daily upkeep of buildings and grounds. Includes plumbing repairs, filling potholes, adjusting bay doors, etc.

  6. Maintains upkeep of forklifts as necessary. Includes repairing or replacing tires, rollers, carriages, rear end parts, LP gas, etc.

  7. Performs preventative maintenance duties to company vehicles. Includes refueling, changing oil, checking tires, washing inside/outside, etc.

  8. Maintains upkeep of diesel fuel pumps and hydraulic filter systems.

  9. Repairs heating/cooling system in office, as necessary.

  10. Repairs air compressors in plant, as necessary. Includes draining system, checking oil, draining water, and starting dryers.

  11. Lights pilots and turns on thermostat for heating system during cold weather.

  12. Maintains upkeep of cranes and overhead hoists.

  13. Troubleshoots and repairs electrical, hydraulic and mechanical equipment, as necessary.

  14. Build electrical controls for plant, as needed.

  15. Observes all safety regulations and reports any unsafe working conditions to department supervisor or management.

  16. Attendance at work, including presence at work during regular working hours or other schedule as may be assigned by the department manager, is essential. Acceptance of overtime assignments may also be required in order to meet departmental goals and objectives.

  17. Occasionally drives company vehicle for parts pickup.? Must have a valid driver?s license and a ?good driving record? as defined by Alabama law.

  18. Occasionally performs maintenance duties in front office. Includes installing lighting, electrical outlets, computer cable, telephone wiring, etc.

  19. Maintains cleanliness and order of work area, equipment and tools.

  20. Performs other various duties as may be assigned.

Progression to Senior Maintenance Technician is based on achievement of a passing grade on the Electrical/Electronic Test. Testing is administered based on needs of the Company and employee?s request.


Education:??Requires a High School diploma or GED.

Knowledge: Requires ability to understand general arithmetic; ability to write in an understandable manner; understand verbal or written instructions; ability to read and understand instructions, lists and billing materials; use PC based applications, including Mainstar, Outlook, and Microsoft Office, knowledge normally acquired through high school or equivalent experience.

Mental:?Requires normal attention with periods of high concentration intermittently to operate machinery approximately 50% of time.

Physical:?Requires walking/standing approximately 70%, lifting up to 40 pounds approximately 15% of time; involves repetitive overhead work approximately 10% of time; involves repetitive stooping, forward bending and crouching approximately 5% of time.

Manual Dexterity:?Requires use of hands, arms and feet for repetitive lifting; use of hands and arms to operate all manufacturing equipment, meters, chains hoists, automatic drills and general hand tools and to record written information.

Audible Demands:?Requires ability to follow verbal instructions and to hear for safety purposes.

Visual: Requires the ability to visually observe essential functions for satisfactory job performance and safety; color and depth perception required.

Environmental:?Exposure to plant environments with the presence of dust, fumes, noise, and fluctuating temperatures due to lack of climate control.

Note: Supersedes All Preceding Job Descriptions:

The above job description is intended to describe the general content, identify the essential job functions, and set forth the requirements for the performance of this job.? It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of job functions or requirements.

Don't Be Fooled

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